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Thank you for visiting the International Contractors Place.  We are a group that was created for contractors, by contractors to share helpful tips, tricks, and tools that are needed to succeed in the business of building structural buildings.  As a contractor, you may be wondering what type of contractors this site was built for? We wanted to keep it as generic as possible, on this website you will find how-to’s for all things contractor-related, such as commercial contractors, residential contractors, multi-family contractors, HOA contractors, how to start a contracting business, and everything related to it.

The Founders

Our founders Ron Harris and Jeremy Blare were in the commercial contracting business in the Boston area for over 20 years.  Throughout their extensive 20-year span, they learned everything there is to know about contracting work.  Such as, how it works, how to get clients, how to start and end jobs, how to hire staff, and everything in between.  Part of their job was promoting their business, and they took to speak at various events.

Naturally, as the years went on and their business grew, so did they exposure.  Soon, younger and more inexperienced people wanted to learn from Ron and Jeremy.  They did seminars and workshops teaching the ins and outs of how to build a successful contractor business, and this International Contractors Place was born.

The goal of this website is to help spread that message on the world wide web so that people can learn how to do contracting work whether they are in the commercial, residential, or any other space.

We hope you learn a lot from this website, thank you for visiting.

-Ron and Jeremy