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Top 3 Roofing Tips for Contractors

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Top 3 Roofing Tips for Contractors

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If you’ve ever worked on a roof there are a few things you already know – 1. It’s hot, 2. Its tough.  We all know that roofing is one of those jobs that is painful if you don’t know what you are doing.  Learning how the roof for rookies is among the toughest jobs in the world of general contracting. With the many different types of shingles you have to learn how to lay them, nail them, and rip them off without scratching up your forearms – or without, you know, falling off the roof itself.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we know that some people love roofing, but until you have done it for a few years, learned the tools of the trade, and came up with some super sly tips to make it easier on yourself, then then the learning curve is tough.  In this article we hope to offer 5 tips to speed up that learning curve so that you can speed up the learning process.

  1. Wear Gloves – This is especially for the beginner roofers. The handling of shingles is a delicate job. The are hard, heavy, and will scratch your hands up if you do not handle them properly.  One of the best tips is to wear gloves to keep your hands safe from getting scratched up.  Also, many roofing contractors take on the task of ripping shingles off.  In this case, you may be dealing with staples or nails that could further poke your hands.  Also, in the hot summer months, the shingles can get extremely hot and burn your hands.  Wearing gloves is a simple way to keep your hands safe so that you can work efficiently all day long.
  2. Tie the ladder off to the roof.  This one is important because how do you get onto a roof? You use a ladder.  But keeping everyone safe while climbing up and down a ladder is a challenge in itself.  The biggest tip we have here is to tie the ladder to something so that it doesn’t slider around. Also, make sure it’s at least 1 foot above the roof and that you use two hands while going up and down.
  3. Roof cleaning.   Clean the roof before and after you are done with the job. Beforehand, using a leaf blower works great. The purpose of this is to clear debris off of the roof so that you don’t run the risk of stepping, slipping, and falling on something and then fly off the roof.  

The top three tips should get you a good start on going after the shingling of the roof that you are working on.  Please read them carefully and if you take care of them the right way, you will be off and running on putting together an awesome new roof for your clients.

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