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What is a General Contractor?

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What is a General Contractor?

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What is a General Contractor?

This is surprisingly one of the most frequently asked questions that we see come up when telling people what we do in our line of work.

And the dialogue goes a little something like this:

“What do you do?” – Them

“We are General Contractors” – Us

“What is a general contractor?” – Them

Who can relate?  When you are in a certain line of work for years and years, you become acustomed to not only the work, but the lingo as well. When you are submersed into the world of what you do, even the most common words, phrases, and titles sount like complicated jargon to the average laymen.  So, what exactly is a general contractor?

First, lets look at the definition of a contractor.  A contractor is someone who performs a service in exchange for payment.  Sounds simple enough, right? By that definition, anyone can be a contractor, and yes they can.

But, the line of work that we are talking about is a general contractor.  According to wikipedia.org, a general contractor is someone who is “responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, and the communication of information to all involved parties throughout the course of a building project.”

So general contractors typically work on construction sites.  They can also not only do construction, but they can do any type of remodeling, renovation, restoration, commercial projects, residential projects, and basically anything and everything that have to do with building structures.

The general contract business has seen a tremendous boom in the last half century as the US economy has seen a rise in economic development.  Some cities have seen an explosion of growth in the past 10 to 20 years, and with that, an increase general contract work has accompanied.

Among these, some of the fastest growth and opportunities have been in US Cities like Jacksonville, Fl., Salt Lake City, Ut., Raleigh, NC., and Dallas, Tx.  As mentioned, with tremendous growth comes an influx of general contracting business opportunities.  For example, this remodeling company Dallas based has been able to scale with it’s market, something every general contracting company wants to do.

When speaking about general contracting, it is also important to note that not the particulars of the work can include many things, like building out the entire structure to handling miniscule things like repairing door knobs.  General contractors cover it all, which is why they are “general”.  

For example, the previous website mentioned above highlights some some of the more popular jobs we see in general contracting, such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, garages (in residential), and condo additions.  All of these services can be considered commercial contruction in Dallas, or residential.  Usually contractors work as both.

General contract work is the oldest profession known to man, we have always been building things and will always be building things, there will never not be a need for the the profession.  If you want to join a profession where there will always be a need, this is the one for you!